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PAS files are basically UTF8 enconded text files, where each line contains a specific information

  • the first line represents the date and time of the export, organized using the following date time format string code "ddd MMM dd HH:mm:ss yyyy". Note that the language for localization to be used depends on the computer that generated the file.
  • the line that starts with a "c" (usually the second line), gives information about the number of columns (variables) available in the file. The number after c, separated by a space character, informs the number of columns. The number after, also separated by a space character, represents the maximum number of characters used to represent the columns' names.
  • The next N lines that follow (where N is the number of columns) inform the name of each of the available columns.
  • Now the actual data is represented by several rows. Each row starts with a line where the first character is "h", followed by the samples time. After a space character, the time is given by the "HH:mm:ss" format.
  • After the line that indicates the row, the sample for each column is given by a single line.

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